Tires 101: Everything You Need to Know About Tire Maintenance

June 19th, 2018 by

After a person purchases their shiny new Porsche from a luxury car dealer in Orland Park, the fun can begin. Driving a stunning vehicle down the streets is incredibly fulfilling, but it comes with its responsibilities as well. Vehicles need to be checked and serviced regularly to keep functioning at their best.

Yes, even the most stunning and well-made cars need to undergo maintenance in order to keep up their standard of performance. One of the most common aspects of a vehicle that has to be maintained is the tires. The tires play a vital role in the way a vehicle performs on the road. If the tires are in good shape then an individual will enjoy a seamless and enjoyable ride.

The first question that many drivers have when they think about tires is whether they need winter tires. The answer to this question is yes. Drivers need to take initiative and have winter tires installed when the snow starts falling because these tires are designed specifically to grip the ground better. They have added flexibility and can literally save lives when the conditions are relatively icy.

Apart from having one’s tires changed seasonally, drivers should always check on their tires before they go for a drive, particularly if the drive is going to be a long one. When drivers are about to head out on the road, they should check how their tires look. If tires have cracks or any other damage on them, they should be taken in to be replaced immediately. Cracks are very dangerous because they symbolize a weak point in one’s wheels. These cracks or other signs of physical damage can cause one’s tires to blow out in the middle of the road.

Apart from checking for cracks, a driver should also take time to note the tread of their tires. The deeper the tread, the better the grip the tires will have on the road. Tread can be checked relatively easily using a simple penny. The general rule is that if the top of lincoln’s head can be seen when a penny is inserted upside down into a tire, the tread has worn out too much and the tires should be replaced soon.

The pressure in one’s tires should all be balanced and one can easily check the pressure using a tire gauge. All in all, the wheels on one’s car need to be changed every three years depending on how much they are used. Healthy tires equal to a healthy ride and every driver should be equipped with this basic knowledge to make their driving experiences a lot safer.