Should I Sell my Car Privately or to a Dealership?

June 21st, 2018 by

There are several benefits that one can gain from selling their vehicle and the main benefit is money. Most individuals opt to sell their old vehicles because they are buying a new automobile and they need to clear up space. Other individuals decide to sell their old automobile because though they would benefit from having two vehicles on hand, they need more money to help them purchase an automobile.

When it comes down to actually selling the automobile, most individuals find themselves deciding between selling their vehicle privately or selling their car to a new dealership in Orland Park.

If a person is looking for a quick and easy trade-in, then selling to a dealership is definitely the best choice. Selling to a local company is fairly simple. Plus, you can simplify the process if purchasing a vehicle from the same company as well.  In most cases, one can simply trade in their old vehicle and get a significant discount on their automobile based on how much their old one was worth.

However, if an individual opts to sell their vehicle privately, then they need to keep a few things in mind. The first problem with selling privately is that individuals need to prepare a very detailed advertisement and take the time to write down all of the vehicle’s details. Not only does the ad take time to create, but individuals need to do research and find out how much their vehicle is currently being sold for by other drivers. Once the advertisement is created, drivers have to be prepared to communicate and contact complete strangers regularly until the vehicle is sold.

The importance of safety and ensuring proper payment cannot be emphasized enough. Individuals need to make sure that the person they are selling their vehicle to is honest and that they are paying them in a proper manner.

Another problem with selling privately is that if the buyer has a problem with the vehicle, they will most likely keep contacting a person over and over again. This can be avoided by creating a very detailed advertisement that mentions all the servicing the vehicle has received in the past and also mentions any problems the vehicle currently faces.

Selling to a dealership is a much smoother process than selling privately. It can create a much faster and less stressful experience for everyone involved. If someone wants to make a quick transaction, working with a local company is definitely the best option.