Get Ready to Experience Porsche Models in Gran Turismo Video Games

May 24th, 2017 by

2017 Porsche 911 GT-3 Red

We’re thrilled to announce that Porsche models are finally coming to the Gran Turismo video game series. The thrill of powering up any racing game has always come from being able to push the world’s most exhilarating vehicles through the world’s most testing and notorious tracks. If you’ve ever fantasized about tearing around the Silverstone Circuit or taking on a quick spin around the Nürburgring in a new Porsche 911, your dreams are about to be realized.

The Long-Awaited Inclusion

It’s hard to argue that Gran Turismo is the gaming industry’s most well-regarded racing simulation series, but there’s always been one flaw in the set-up; thanks to an exclusive licensing deal between EA Games and Porsche, Gran Turismo games have always lacked the Porsche lineup.

But that deal has now expired, and PlayStation has announced that Porsche models will at long last start appearing across their digital tracks, with the intensely cool 911 GT3 RS set to make the brand’s debut.

The 911 GT3 Line

The latest 911 GT3 RS has been commanding interest, praise, and envy, and we can think of few models better suited to the Gran Turismo universe. With 500 hp streaming through to the wheels from a 4.0L six-cylinder horizontally opposed and naturally aspirated engine, the vehicle’s racing chassis and rear-axle steering with GT tuning delivers performance that will defy your expectations, whether you’re controlling it through a gamepad or a steering wheel.

Even the standard 911 GT3 makes zero to 60 mph in as little as 3.2 seconds for a top track speed of 198 mph. With its large rear wing, cavernous air intakes, and fender-filled wheels and tires, the RS model is hardly going to disappoint. The examples we’ve seen have precisely recreated that look, and, since Gran Turismo games are noted for following exact specifications, you can expect virtual performance to match the vehicle’s real-world ride.

Visit Porsche Orland Park to Explore the 911 GT3 Line in the Flesh

The team here at Porsche Orland Park can’t wait to try out the 911 GT3 on virtual versions of the racing world’s most famous tracks, but we think you’ll appreciate its depthless appeal even across the roads of Frankfort and Crown Point. To find out more or apply for financing, just contact us today.