Why Have Compact Crossovers Become So Popular?

April 18th, 2018 by

The growing popularity of crossover is the biggest change that the automotive industry has witnessed in well over a decade. These vehicles didn’t exist 20 years ago, yet crossovers now sell more than three times more than SUVs and minivans combined across the globe.

This phenomenon is particularly apparent across the United States, where it’s not uncommon to see supermarket parking lots dominated by these larger vehicles. City-dwellers in the U.S seem particularly fond of this new vehicle type – and there’s no sign of a slowdown in sales any time soon.

The rise in popularity became noticeable at the start of this decade, and now this vehicle seems to rule the road. But why has this vehicle become so popular?

Stylish and practical

The crossover borrows the best parts of every other vehicle on the market. Drivrs appreciate the extra safety provided by driving a heavier vehicle with a higher driver position. Many prefer the aesthetics of the compact crossover, compared to a basic sedan.

The improvements made to the fuel economy and handling will certainly have made a massive impact on sales too.

Essentially, these vehicles look like an SUV but they perform like a sedan. Families with children to transport around town can do so with ease, giving them plenty of space and their stuff. The additional trunk space will come in useful to most families at some point.

The rise of luxury crossovers has become the latest trend which has drivers even more excited.

Porsche has made a significant impact on this market, first with the Cayenne in 2003 and then the smaller entry-level Macan in 2014.

The Macan offers particularly impressive power when you consider its size and its starting price. The higher-spec versions of this vehicles are powered by a 3.6-liter twin-turbo V-6 that blows immediate rivals out the water.

It’ll be tough to find a car that offers better value for money in this increasingly-popular market.

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