What’s New in Luxury Cars

April 21st, 2018 by

Luxury cars have always offered drivers and passengers the best of all possible worlds, combining safety features with performance, and luxurious interiors with that premium feature of car design, comfortable legroom. New safety and navigation features like side airbags, rear cameras, in-car navigation and WiFi systems and distance pacing and traction control add to their appeal. New vehicles of this type achieve higher fuel efficiency than in the past, due to changes in engine and transmission design, while maintaining the racing car feel.

Enhanced safety features to help the driver

Enhanced safety features like rear cameras, forward collision warning, monitoring blind spots and lane departure monitoring and intervention help the driver maintain a safe driving distance and avoid the possibility of a collision. Infrared side cameras add night vision capabilities. Some vehicles even have a sleepy driver warning system.

Legroom is the test of luxury

Sufficient passenger seating and plenty of legroom have long been the test of true luxury. Anyone who has suffered through long journeys in cramped seating can attest to that. New models in this category continue that tradition, along with other touches like heated seats and steering and sunroofs. Sufficient cargo room is another feature that is continued on the newer models.

Greater fuel efficiency

In the past, luxury cars typically involved trading power and performance for fuel economy. Fuel economy for these cars has improved due to changes like lighter turbo-charged engines and new transmission design. They still retain the high performance features like racing car acceleration. It’s no longer necessary to trade power for fuel efficiency.

Finding the right luxury vehicle online

Anyone who is considering buying a new luxury vehicle can find a lot of information online about the different makes and models and the features they offer. New online technology makes it possible to view dealer inventories online and to make side-by-side comparisons. Online reviews from experts and car owners can tell prospective buyers what to expect before visiting the showroom to try out the new models.

These cars have always been characterized by a combination of safety, performance and comfort features. New models use technology for advanced safety features like rear view and infrared side cameras, collision warning and lane and blind spot monitoring. Improved design means that fuel efficiency does not need to be sacrificed for performance. Prospective buyers can check out dealer inventories online and then visit a showroom to test drive the models they are interested in. They can also find answers to many remaining questions at their luxury car dealer in Orland Park.


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