What it’s Like to Drive a Porsche 911

August 23rd, 2018 by

When ones spend the time and money associated with buying a luxury vehicle, like anything from the Porsche lineup, they expect to get the best driving experience possible. Rightfully so, as these vehicles do not come cheap, and for most Porsche enthusiasts, new tech and advanced features aren’t enough to justify the price point. For these drivers, superior power, handling, and overall performance are the top aspects they are concerned over, a big difference from your average consumer.

With this in mind, when comparing a Porsche 911 to other models available, like the Boxster, you’ll find many people wondering if the price point is higher solely because of looks. While the Boxster certainly is nothing to shrug off when it comes to power, it has nothing when it comes to the 911. In overall driving experience, very little cars can come close to what the 911 has to offer.


The first thing you’ll notice is that all the 911 models handle extremely well. Moving this car around corners and whipping around parking lots is a joy in this vehicle. While all of Porsche options definitely supply a large amount of handling with them as well, the Porsche handles closer to a real sports car. Given enough room, and you’ll feel like a race car driver taking this thing around corners.


Speaking of feeling like a race car driver, when you put your foot down on the pedal of a Porsche 911, it goes and it goes fast. The immediate kick and fast acceleration of this car are almost overwhelming at first and will cause many hearts, experienced and new, to start racing. Once you got it going, it moves quickly between gears and higher speeds, providing a car that is truly something to challenge on the road.


Even at top speed, the 911 provide a smooth and easy ride. You’ll feel almost nothing on most roads, but that being said, dirt roads are not this car’s forte. Where the ride quality will really shine is on the highway at maintained high speeds, where it feels as if the car almost hovers over the ground and any obstacles, like rocks and pebbles, that may be in the way.

When driving a 911, you’ll feel almost none of the bumps in the roads you would in a standard vehicle.

Overall, when all things are taken into account, it is hard to beat a Porsche 911 when it comes to overall performance and ride quality. Many of Porsches other offerings come close, and some competitors also give it a run for its money, the 911 always rises to the very top.

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