The Unique Stylings of a Porsche 911

August 23rd, 2018 by

The Porsche 911 has a vast amount of features and iconic things attached to it that many people recognize right off the gate. Most notably is it’s unique and stylish design. While many look to these cars for power and as a way to show status, many are just drawn to the exterior and interior looks of the car.

Exterior Design

No matter what year or type of Porsche 911 you end up going for, you’ll no doubt get it wrapped in a unique design. While it is true that they have started to become more and more mainstream looking over the years, they still keep some portions of the original designs throughout all variations.

The biggest one of these are by far the back end. This part of the car sports a unique look that cannot be found anywhere else, and variations of it have been used in every version of the Porsche 911, making it stand out amongst the model. If you see this back end, you know you’re looking at a 911.

Additionally, the long-running trend of the classic looking round headlights helps to make this car feel classic even in its newest models. Again, when you see these headlights on an often unique shaped front end, you know a 911 is what is rolling your way.

Unfortunately, some of the classic looks have been lost through the ages. Most notably, the front ends and sides have become more and more geared towards aerodynamics, a common trend in call cars, as opposed to purely looks. This leads to a better fuel economy, but less punch in the design area.

For this reason, for true lovers of the original look, it is recommended to try and get your hands on an older model, which will retain more of the iconic stylings you area after. Older models tend to be cheaper as well in most cases, but harder to find and often need additional work after purchase.


The interior, while constantly changing to accommodate the latest trends and technology, always sports that luxury feel. Often done out in leather with classic looking and classy chrome stylings, getting inside a Porsche is a much as experience as looking at one from the outside. Driving one, on the other hand, offers a whole other level of joy.

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