The Service That’s Letting Porsche Cayman Owners Swap Their Cars Around

August 23rd, 2018 by

Every Porsche Cayman owner has probably come to love their car but may see a car that catches their eye on the road and wish they had a chance to try things out. Porsche is trying to cater to this urge with a new subscription service that promises to add a little variety to your life.

Explaining Porsche Passport

The new service is going to be called Porsche Passport, and will first launch in Atlanta. Should it grow, members will have the ability to swap on-demand between up to 22 different Porsche variants, the Porsche Cayman included. At the moment, you can drive unlimited miles, and there doesn’t seem to be a limit on exactly how often you can swap vehicles.

What Do You Need To Use It?

The basic membership is going to cost $2,000, and include the Cayman S, among eight other variants. However, if you want the full lineup of cars to swap out, the 22-car premium membership is going to set you back $3,000 monthly. You will also need to pass a background and credit check in order to be able to join.

The ability to swap between different cars may be appealing to a certain part of the car buyer set, but if you have more permanent ambitions for getting a Porsche Cayman, you’re going to want to look to a Porsche dealer who knows the cars and what you want.

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