The Porsche 911 Comes Equipped With a Number of Powerful Mechanical Features

March 9th, 2019 by

When drivers hear the name Porsche, they often think of the words quality, luxury, innovation, and power.

And, although many of Porsche’s vehicles are truly powerful machines, there is something about the 911 that helps it stand out from the rest. We think this is due to the fact that the Porsche 911 comes equipped with a collection of outstanding mechanical features.

When assessing the mechanical features of a vehicle, many drivers and car lovers will start with the engine. Not surprisingly, people are always extremely impressed with the Porsche 911’s engine. The vehicle comes equipped with a twin-turbocharged 3.0 L boxer six cylinder engine. This beastly engine gives the Porsche 911 the ability to fly past practically any vehicle in its path.

The Porsche 911 also offers a number of other powerful mechanical features. Some of these features include an engine oil cooler, a 175 amp alternator, gas-pressurized shock absorbers, and a dual stainless steel exhaust system with a polished tailpipe finisher.

Due to the power it has, the Porsche 911 also has a high-quality suspension system, including driver control ride control adaptive suspension, strut front suspension, and multi-link rear suspension. And, both of these systems come equipped with coil springs.

It doesn’t take an automotive expert to know that the Porsche 911 is a strong vehicle – this is thanks to its amazing engine, suspension, and top-of-the-line mechanical features. Anyone who is interested in purchasing a new or used Porsche 911 should take a quick trip down to Porsche Orland Park in Orland Park, IL. We offer our valued customers a wide selection of top-of-the-line Porsche vehicles.

We promise that anyone who has never driven a Porsche vehicle will be astounded after they take their first test drive.

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