Testing Footage Shows How the Porsche Cayman Handles Inclement Weather

August 23rd, 2018 by

Summer may be in swing, but earlier this year, Porsche went to the icy north with the newly refreshed Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 to see how it would handle in the cold weather. As you would expect, it performed great, but the test footage from February shows a few new important changes for the mid-year refresh.

The Visual Changes

The biggest change that you can see right away is on the back of the Cayman, like a fixed rear wing, designed to make sure that you get a little extra force to keep your car planted on the road. A few other major changes you can see include split-exhaust tips, which is new for all Cayman models so far.

The Technical Changes

Some things are going to stay the same, though, like the naturally aspirated engine, which experts estimate will clock in at around 400 horsepower. If you’re a bit skeptical about taking your sports car out in rough weather, don’t be. With a little bit of extra investment, like snow tires for the winter, you can easily enjoy your sports car’s power and ride year-round. If you don’t plan on driving it often, though, it may make more sense to put it in a garage. The same applies to other weather like rain.

Winter may be a long time away, but there’s no reason you can’t work ahead. Not to mention, the Porsche Cayman is every bit as useful in other rough weather and conditions, as this footage demonstrates. When you buy your own, make sure that you pick up the features and specs that make it best able to handle these conditions.

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