Stay Connected with the Porsche Cayenne

June 13th, 2018 by

The Porsche Cayenne comes with everything you need to stay connected to the outside world. Whether you enjoy calling your friends and family members when you’re behind the wheel or you want to learn more about your destination, this car has you covered. Learn more about the Porsche Cayenne and some of its amazing features.

Smart Device Integration

You don’t have to worry about your smart devices not being compatible with your car. The car will automatically recognize any smart device that you bring into the car as long as it’s connected to Wi-Fi or a cellular network. You can then quickly play all your favorite music by syncing the audio on your smart device with the speaker system in the car. The car will read you instructions about your trip or you can talk to your friends and family members hands-free, so you can keep both hands on the wheel.

Integrated Navigation System

The integrated navigation system takes the guesswork out of your trip. You don’t have to mess with the tiny map on your phone when you’re trying to navigate to a new destination. Just keep your eyes and ears focused on the built-in navigation system and it will take you wherever you want to go. It reads instructions via the built-in speaker system, so you don’t have to take your eyes off the road. Just listen and pay attention to the road and you’ll be good to go.

Outside Temperature Gauge

Some drivers love knowing what it’s doing outside when they’re behind the wheel. With the outside temperature gauge, you can easily stay on top of the weather without having to open the window.

The Porsche Cayenne is loaded with luxury features that will help you feel more at ease behind the wheel. Visit your local Rizza Porsche dealership today to learn more!

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