Luxury Cars Go Electric and Long-Range

April 18th, 2018 by

Luxury car makers are going into electric vehicles in a big way, and they’re making one crucial change to the hybrid and electric vehicles currently on the market. The luxury all-electric cars will be long-range vehicles. To support them on their travels, car makers are also working on putting into place a network of supercharging stations. Porsche’s new Mission E is a sporty, long-range electric sedan, and will begin production next year. Car buyers and enthusiasts can expect to see it in dealerships like Porsche in Chicago shortly thereafter.

Luxury cars go electric

Practically all leading luxury car makers have debuted or are working on their own versions of long-range electric vehicles. These differ from the hybrid and electric vehicles currently on the market in several important ways. First, they have a longer range, making them suitable for long distance trips as well as shorter daily commutes. For example, a fully charged battery on the Porsche Mission E will have a range of over 300 miles. However, limitations on luggage space may hamper their long-distance capabilities.

A network of supercharging stations

A second major change is in the amount of time it takes to fully charge the battery. One continuing problem with the hybrid and electric vehicles currently on the market has been the slow charging times. To fully charge a battery, it can take six to eight hours, and is usually done overnight. Luxury car makers are changing that with 800-volt superchargers that can charge the battery to 80 percent of its capacity in just 15 minutes. So charging the car during a brief coffee stop can add as much as 250 miles to its range. Luxury car makers are already putting into place networks of supercharging stations at dealerships across the country to support these cars.

Power, speed and savings

The emergence of all-electric luxury cars is an indication that speed and power no longer need to be sacrificed to efficiency. Porsche’s Mission E will be all electric but will still have the characteristic sporty feel of a racing car. Different manufacturers have varied approaches to designing long-range all-electric vehicles, but most observers agree that these will generate competition and creativity.

Luxury car makers are jumping into the all-electric car arena, indicating that the technology has progressed way beyond basic. These new models, many of which are still at the concept stage, differ from those currently on the market in several crucial ways. The luxury electric vehicles have a longer range and charging times are much shorter. The vehicles combine eco-friendly power with sporty design and handling.

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