Luxury Cars Become More Eco-friendly

April 20th, 2018 by

Reflecting a wider shift in consumer values and preferences, luxury car makers are moving towards more eco-friendly vehicles across the board. This shift is seen in the improvement of fuel economy standards in high performance vehicles, and in the development of a range of hybrid and electric vehicles with low to zero emissions. A number of manufacturers have debuted all-electric models which have zero emissions, and which are expected to go into production shortly. The future is here and it looks eco-friendly.

Auto makers respond to consumer preferences

In the world of auto manufacturing as in many other industries, manufacturers are responding to a shift in consumer values and preferences for a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Specifically, the concern with pollution and emissions has led auto manufacturers to seek greater fuel efficiency and lower emissions. Luxury auto makers have joined the trend, with an effort to improve fuel efficiency through design. They have also introduced a range of hybrid vehicles which achieve high fuel efficiency and lower emissions. Many of these auto makers have also introduced all-electric vehicles with zero emissions. While some of these are still at the concept stage, a few are already in production and will be seen on the roads in the next couple of years.

Improving fuel economy in luxury cars

In the past, luxury vehicles typically traded performance for fuel efficiency. That sporty, racing car feel with powerful and smooth acceleration and speed, and braking and steering capabilities to match, came at the cost of fuel efficiency. In fact, to put it in plain words, performance cars tended to be gas guzzlers. But that is changing, with new designs that include more efficient transmissions. New turbo-charged engines that drive performance and speed are lighter, also helping to improve fuel efficiency.

Hybrid and all-electric vehicles

Many luxury auto manufacturers already have hybrid models on the road. These cars use two engines, one powered by a battery, usually a lithium-ion battery. The second engine is an internal combustion engine, which kicks in when the battery runs out of charge. Hybrids typically have higher fuel efficiency and lower emissions. In fact, when they are running on the battery alone, they have zero emissions. Newer all-electric cars will achieve zero emissions. Most of these auto manufacturers have all-electric models in development or already out in the world as concept cars. Some are in production and may roll off the lines as early as next year.

Following a discernible and game-changing shift in consumer preferences, auto manufacturers are designing more eco-friendly vehicles. Some are already in showrooms like a luxury car dealership in Orland Park, and others are in production.

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