Interesting Facts About the Porsche 911

August 23rd, 2018 by

The Porsche 911 is not only the most iconic Porsche made car of all time, but also one of the most recognizable vehicles period. It is easy to see why, with such unique looks a quality build, and it doesn’t seem like the 911 is looking to calm down on these areas anytime soon.

Here are just a few facts related to the Porsche 911 model.

The Maker of Porsche Made the First Hybrid Car

Back in the early 1900’s, Ferdinand Porsche, a car inventor, designed the first hybrid gasoline-electric car ever made at age 25. In 1934, he was the one asked to create the people’s car by Adolf Hitler, at which point he created the Volkswagen Beetle.

Early Models Used Volkswagen Beetle Parts

Due to shortages back in the day, Porsche was forced to used Volkswagen parts found within the iconic Beetle model to be able to fulfill their orders. It is estimated more than 75,000 could have been made this way over a total of 15 years.

It is Porsche’s Most Popular Model

Since its release, the Porsche 911 has been the car companies top selling and best performing car out of all their offerings, and most offerings of competitors. Since 1964, every Porsche 911 has been made in one place, the main factory in Stuttgart, Germany.

It was Originally Going to be Called the Porsche 901

When first being made, it was originally called the Porsche 901. This being said, Peugeot protested that they were using this name under the grounds that it France was awarded exclusive rights to car names with 3 numbers and a 0 in the middle. So instead, the name as changed to the 911 to avoid any further issues.

They Make a Ton Daily

The only factory that makes 911’s produces about 110 daily, along with another 40 Boxsters. Overall, they make around 500 engines every day.

A unique and interesting car usually has some unique history and fun facts hanging around them, and as you can see, the Porsche 911 is no different in this respect. If you want a great, timeless car, the Porsche 911 is by far the top option in this area.

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