How Often Should I Wash my Car?

June 16th, 2018 by

Washing one’s car that they purchased from a Chicago Porsche Dealership is an incredibly important aspect of car maintenance. Drivers need to keep their cars clean from inside out in order to make their cars last as long as possible.

When it comes to receiving car washes, there are no ground-set rules of when one should wash their vehicle. There is also no designated time period when you should wash your car. A great rule of thumb is to wash it whenever it starts looking dirty.

Individuals have the option of hand washing their car at home or going to a car wash. Washing a vehicle at home can be time-consuming and requires energy. Plus there is no guarantee of a perfect job. Rinsing one’s car at the car wash, however, simply requires sitting back and relaxing but it will cost a little bit of money.

Some vehicles get dirtier a lot faster than others depending on how they are kept and where a person lives. If an individual lives in a polluted or dirty area or a community that has unpaved roads, then naturally, they will need to get their vehicle washed at least once a week. Cleaning the exterior of a car is highly beneficial because it can get rid of all the insects, bird droppings, and other items that have begun to bind themselves to the car paint. If these items are left for too long, then they can become almost impossible to remove without damaging the paintwork of the vehicle.

It is important to note that individuals should also consider washing their vehicle after rainfall, especially if they live in industrial areas. Even though rain may appear to clean up one’s car, acid rain — which is highly prevalent in city areas — can cause a lot of damage.

If individuals live in cleaner areas and they leave their vehicles in their garage overnight, then a car wash will really only be required once or twice a month. Every driver is different. There are some car drivers that love to have their vehicle shining like it’s brand new every time they drive it. Whereas, others are okay with never washing their vehicle until all the dirt and droppings make it difficult to see through the windshield.

Whatever the case is, individuals should make sure they are washing their vehicle a couple of times a month. Dirty cars also begin to rust faster and this is the last thing anyone wants for their vehicle. Rust can greatly decrease the value of an already depreciating vehicle and that’s why every precaution should be taken to keep one’s vehicle as clean as possible.



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