How Long Should a Car Last?

April 19th, 2018 by

While some people change their car models every few years, most people want to buy a car that will last at least ten years or longer. That’s because car owners invest much more than money in their cars. A surprisingly large number of auto makers now build engines that are designed to run for 200,000 miles or even more. Among luxury cars, Porsches can run for as long as twenty-five years. It goes without saying that proper maintenance and regular oil changes are the key to keeping a car in top condition over the years.

Reliability and durability

For anyone looking for a long-lasting car, the two necessary features are reliability and durability. These are not necessarily the same thing. Reliability refers to the expectation that a car will start first thing every morning and will do everything the driver requires of it with minimal repairs and problems. Durability refers to the mileage that can be expected from a car engine. Once, car engines were expected to run for no more than 100,000 miles before the car was traded in for a newer model. No more. These days, auto makers design engines that will run at least twice that distance.

As the years go by

The number of years a car can spend on the road, and its resale value, are also factors that can be used to find long-lasting models. The average age of cars on the road today is just about eleven years. Among luxury auto makers, Porsche scores high marks for reliability and durability. An amazing 97.4% of all Porsches made within the past twenty-five years are still on the road. The resale value of a car over the years is another indication of its durability. The Kelley Blue Book is the standard reference for car sales and resale values, and contains reliable price information for different brands and models.

Investing in a car

A car is much more than an investment. Or rather, car buyers invest much more than money in their cars. Despite the ridicule this tendency attracts in popular culture, people do tend to form a special bond with their cars, which is why it’s good news that car manufacturers have shifted towards longer-lasting engines and vehicles. Regular oil changes and maintenance are necessary, of course, to keep a car on the road and in top condition.

For car buyers looking for a reliable and durable vehicle, the good news is that car engines these days are made to run for 200,000 miles or more. Some luxury vehicles, such as Porsche, also fall into this category. Car buyers interested in seeing how they handle can test drive one at Chicagoland Porsche dealers.


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