Different Types of Vehicles are Suited to Different Lifestyles and Purposes

April 26th, 2018 by

Anyone buying a new car has to make a number of decisions, which will help them to choose between the wide variety of vehicles on the market. When it comes to choosing a new vehicle, a lot depends on the needs and lifestyle of the buyer. A family car that is used to ferry kids, pets and groceries is very different from a performance car, where the emphasis is on power and drivability. Safety and reliability can be important for some auto buyers, while others might be looking for a more rugged vehicle that will let them enjoy off-road adventures. None of these categories are mutually exclusive, and there is overlap between them.

Safety and reliability: family cars

When it comes to family cars, safety and reliability are the first considerations. If a vehicle is going to be used to transport kids and pets, vehicles with safety features like seat belts, airbags, crumple zones and head protection devices are a good choice. Other features like anti-lock brakes, traction control and all-wheel drive also help to make a vehicle safer and more stable on the road. Family cars typically have a larger seating and cargo capacity. After all, there has to be enough room for kids, their friends, pets, and sports equipment.

Performance cars: power and drivability

Performance cars, also known as muscle cars, are descended from racing cars. In fact, their design is adapted from racing cars for the road. They have a racing car feel with light, sporty handling and features that contribute to drivability. They are built for speed, with the steering and braking abilities to handle that speed. Luxury performance vehicles can also be surprisingly practical. They’re typically not big on fuel efficiency, though, and cargo and passenger space is necessarily limited by design considerations.

Rugged off-road adventures with four wheel drive

Vehicles like sports SUVs and Jeeps are built for off-road adventures, with four wheel drive that  can tackle rugged terrain. Suitable for camping, hiking and fishing enthusiasts, these vehicles trade some comfort and safety features for ruggedness. These vehicles are definitely suitable for adventurous types, though they can handle tamer tasks like urban driving and grocery runs as well.

Different types and categories of vehicles are suited for different purposes and lifestyles. For anyone beginning their search for a new vehicle, identifying their own lifestyle and purpose can be the best place to start. There is some overlap between different types of vehicles, so it isn’t always necessary to make trade-offs. The next step after identifying the right vehicle is to head over to the new dealership to test drive a car in Orland Park.


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